Inside Answers ~ Numbers ~ Interactive Self Checking Cards
£ 9.50
10 Double sided, self checking cards featuring the numbers 1 to20. Cards feature photographs of between 1 and 20 familiar objects for children to count, they can then slide the card apart to reveal the answer! Ages: 3 years+
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Inside Answers

This brilliant set of unique double sided, interactive cards, where the answers are found inside, have been specially developed to help children explore and recognise numbers and practise counting!

The pack contains 10 double sided cards depicting colourful photographic images of between 1 and 20 familiar objects, encouraging children to count how many are illustrated, then simply slide the ends apart to reveal the correct answer inside.  A simple but captivating way to focus on number sense, number recognition, counting 1-20 and even and odd numbers.

The set contains 10 durable, double sided, slide apart cards which measure approx. 10cm x 15cm. Also included is a teaching guide with suggested activities.

Great fun for the home and ideal for childminders and pre-schools.

Ages: 3+
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