Chelona Four Seasons Wooden Memo ~ Seasons & Weather Memory Game
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A beautifully crafted traditional memo game depicting the four seasons making it an ideal resource for the classroom to support popular early years topics about seasons and weather. Ages: 4 years+
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Chelona Traditional Wooden Games

Four Seasons Memory Game

These beautifully illustrated, colourful wooden tiles can be used to make four colourful weather scenes depicting the four seasons, as well as being a challenging twist on the old favourite memory matching or lotto game.

Younger players can simply arrange the colourful picture tiles to complete the beautifully detailed scenes depicting Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  The scenes contain a wide range of fun objects making them ideal for children to look at and talk about then depending on the skill level of the child the puzzles can be used for fun memory matching games.

This game contains 48 illustrated wooden tiles: 24 featuring objects associated with that particular time of year, six items per season and 24 fully illustrated picture tiles, six for each season of the year and each one featuring the chosen item as part of the scene.   Using the object tiles, players can match items to those illustrated in the colourful scenes or alternatively, depending on the skill level of the children/child playing, the tiles can be placed face down and players use their memory skills to match the objects tiles and picture tiles together.   This game is supplied in a handy wooden box and contains 48 wooden tiles measuring 20 x 20 x 5cm.


Whether used to challenge memory skills or played with as a simple puzzles this delightfully illustrated wooden game is an ideal way of encouraging fun discussions about the four seasons of the year; what weather we would expect, what we would wear, the activities we would do and what we would expect to see. 







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