Velcro Backed Felt Motifs ~ Air Transport Set ~ 10 Familiar Vehicles
£ 17.95
A delightful set of colourful felt motifs representing different forms of air transport. Each motif features velcro hooks making them ideal for classroom displays and table top activities. Ages: 3+
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Versatile Felt Motifs

Air Transport


A fabulous, fun set of felt motifs featuring a colourful range of vehicles that travel in the air.

Each carefully crafted motif has velcro on the reverse which allows them to be 'stuck' to fabric surfaces for brilliant displays and storytelling.  They are ideal for use with our versatile felt story boards and books.

 These brilliant motifs are great for use at home and are an excellent support to a wide range of popular early years topics.  Ideal for encouraging imaginative play and developing storytelling and language skills ~ perfect for childminders and pre-schools!

Air Transport  features 10 familiar vehicles including a rocket, aeroplane, helicopter, airship and hot air balloon.  The motifs measure between 9cm and 15cm and are supplied with a handy, fabric draw string bag.

Ages:  3+



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