Giant World Map Fabric Wallhanging 170cm x 240cm with 184 Velcro Backed Motifs
£ 325.00
The fabulous map of the world makes a spectacular teaching display and comes with a range of felt motifs to identify countries and inhabitants, animals and habitats, cities and famous landmarks etc. Ages: 3+
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A beautifully crafted, giant, fabric world map, which can be hung on the wall or used on the floor for fun interactive learning about the world, the countries, cities, environment, landscape and its inhabitants.

This map is supplied with a comprehensive set of felt name pieces which simply velcro anywhere onto the map allowing children to identify continents, countries, cities, lakes, rivers, mountain ranges, deserts, oceans and seas, longtitude and latitude and therefore create an interactive and unique way of teaching georgraphy to young learners.  Each continent is in a separate colour and the identification plaques are colour coded so that children can easiliy distinguish between the labels for counties, continents, cities and phisycal features.

For the younger learner there are beautifully detailed fabric animals, sea creatures and people from all around the world together with different modes of travel and transport and famous landmark buildings and they can have fun placing these in the correct countries and correct climates.  An excellent resource for a wide range of popular early years topics.  The motifs and people of the world finger puppets can also be used for fun imaginative play and storytelling activities.

The map is supplied with a handy book 'Discovering our World' which provides a wealth of information to ensure children and adults get the most from this brilliant resource and have lots of opportunities for fun, interactive learning at home or in the classroom.

The Giant World Map measures 170cm x 240cm (5'6"" x 7'9") and is supplied with 184 motifs comprising 88 picture pieces and 96 word pieces

Ages:  3 years+
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