Mini Rainbomaker Visual Sensory Sound Toy For Babies & Toddlers
£ 10.95
A delightful sound toy which will appeal to young children as they watch the brightly coloured beads cascade through the tiers. Ideal for encouraging exploration of sound and rhythm. Ages: 6 Months +
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Mini Rainmaker

A versatile, sensory toy where the brightly coloured beads create a wonderful noise as they cascade down through the multi-tiered, prism effect cylinder each time it is turned and by shaking the rainmaker a pleasant percussion sound is achieved.

A toy which allows children to explore different rhythms and link movement with sound. Fascinating for children of all ages and ideal for home use, childminders or pre-schools.

The Rainmaker measures approximately 20cm x 5cm and is suitable for children aged 6 Months+.

Colours may vary.
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