Sink or Float Eploration Kit ~ Early Science Observation
£ 52.50
Children love playing with water and with this brilliant kit you can spark their natural curiosity and encourage early scientific exploration as youngster discover which items float & which sink. Encourages observation, prediction and discussion. Ages: 3+
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Children, water and toys are an unbeatable combination for fun and with the activities in this brilliant kit they are also the perfect combination for learning.

The activities will help children practise and expand their thinking skills and each activity provides opportunities for prediction, observation and discussion ~ and the laminated 'sink or float' chart allows you to record their findings with dry wipe markers and then wipe it clean ready for the next student.

The exploration kit includes a clear plastic tub (pond) with a wide range of resources which sink or float including a gold key, buttons, pebbles, plastic animals, plastic boats, toy airplane, wood, sponge and metal cubes, pumice, calcite, cork, pine cone, sponge, marble, shell, log and tube. The kit also includes a laminated chart, 25 chart cards, 25 velcro loop dots and 5 velcro hook dots together with a leaflet which contains a wealth of information for fun packed, teaching activities which children will love and which offer lots of opportunities for learning.

A brilliant resource for childminders, nurseries and pre-schools this kit is ideal for both large and small group activities ~ just add children!

Ages: 3+



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