Smiling Inside, Smiling Outside ~ Encouraging Positive Esteem and Self Awareness
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A brilliant resource packed full of ideas to help cultivate positive esteem and self awareness as well as develop a sense of belonging. Ideal for early years ~ images of sample pages featured.
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Smiling Inside, Smiling Outside

Learning to care for myself, my family, my world!

Smiling Inside, Smiling Outside is an ideal resource for teachers and parents of children in their early years. It will help children to develop positive perceptions of themselves and their place in the world.

Smiling Inside, Smiling Outside contains 90 activities that can be grasped at a glance and used immediately, with minimal preparation. They will also help children to focus on listening, speaking and writing, all of which are important aspects of communication.

This book will help children to develop positive esteem and self-awareness, learn to value family and community and develop a sense of belonging. It also helps children to learn to work collaboratively and develop an appreciation of the natural world.

Although the activities in this collection are primarily designed to be implemented with groups of children at nursery or pre-school, they may be readily adapted for use with one or two youngsters making them ideal for use at home and perfect for childminders.

Activities include happiness pictures, feelings game, my family, sharing greetings, working together, what are rules for, how to stay well, a fire drill, the five senses, building a nest and catching the wind.

So whether in an educational setting or at home, this book provides a wealth of ideas for parents/carers, childminders and pre-schools alike.

Book measures: 29cm x 21cm and has a colourful, wipe clean, soft back.

Ages: 3+


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