Table Top Magnetism Station ~ Sturdy Wooden Tripod 18 x 23cm Magnetic Attraction
£ 24.95
Children will be fascinated by this sturdy tabletop magnetism station which comes complete with a range of accessories which allow children to examine magnetic forces - great fun! Ages: 3+
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Tabletop Science

~Magnetism Station~

Introduce youngsters to the fascinating world of magnetism with this brilliant tripod magnetic science station.

Designed for hands on exploration the three wooden legs provide additional stability and rigidity and allows the unit to be used as a table top activity or on the floor indoors or outside.   Featuring a magnetic surface and supplied with a magnetic wand and magnetic marbles, it is ideal for demonstrating the properties of magnetism and is bound to draw children into studying magnetism!

Robustly constructed from brightly painted wood the unit measures approx. 18cm x 23cm and features an 11cm diameter magnetic surface with removable legs for easy, compact storage.

A great item for use at home or in the classroom. Ideal for introducing children to exploration and investigation and ideal for engaging inquisitive young minds.   Adult supervision recommended.

Ages: 3+
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