Table Top Magnification Station ~ Sturdy Wooden Tripod Magnifier 18cm x 23cm
£ 31.95
This sturdy 18cm x 23cm tripod table top magnifier allows children to examine objects which have been magnified x4. Especially good for young children who are unable to manipulate hand held magnifiers. Ages: 3+
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Tabletop Science

~Magnification Station~

Children will love exploring and observing everday items with this brilliant, free standing magnifier.

This robust,  wooden magnifier with three sturdy, detachable, wooden legs, can be rested on the ground or placed on a table to view minibeasts, crystals, leaves and flowers ~ just about anything you fancy and then see them 4 times larger than life!  A fabulous item which makes viewing easy and is particularly helpful for children who are not very adept at manipulating hand held magnifiers.

This versatile magnifier, robustly constructed from brightly painted wood measures approx. 18cm x 23cm and features an 11cm diameter lens which magnifies 4x and features removable legs for easy, compact storage.

A great item for use at home or in the classroom. Ideal for introducing children to exploration and investigation and ideal for engaging inquisitive young minds.

Ages: 5+
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