Table Top Reflection Station ~ Sturdy Wooden Tripod 18cm x 23cm Mirror & Prisms
£ 24.95
This sturdy tabletop mirror will fascinate children and enable them to view objects and their reflections from different angles and perspectives - incuding themselves! A great addition to the classroom. Ages: 3+
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Tabletop Science

~Reflection Station~

Children will be fascinated by the reflections they can observe in this handy table top mirror which enables them to view both the top and bottom of objects at the same time.

This robust, wooden unit with three sturdy, detachable, wooden legs for added rigidity, features a mirror and 2 prisms and encourages children to view items from different angles.  They will be enthralled and amazed by the tricks light can play through reflection and refraction as they explore and experiment with the mirror and prisms.   

Constructed from brightly painted wood the unit measures approx. 18cm x 23cm and features an 11cm diameter mirror, two prisms and removable legs for easy, compact storage.

A great item for use at home or in the classroom. Ideal for introducing children to exploration and investigation and ideal for engaging inquisitive young minds.

Ages: 5+
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