Giant Durable Weatherproof HDPE Outdoor Tactile Learning Board ~ Shapes Maze
£ 125.00
Giant 590mm x 1180mm HDPE learning boards ideal for the playground they are weatherproof, fade resistant and very durable. The shape mazes are etched into the blue material exposing the contrasting colour: yellow and giving the boards a tactile element for children to explore.
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It is currently expected that children should be able to access all of their learning outside as well as inside. No longer can the old tried and tested outdoor toys be relied upon to challenge children during outdoor play time, now a range of educational resources needs to be provided so children have full opportunities for learning both in the classroom and the playground.  We believe our fabulous new range of colourful outdoor learning boards, which have been specificially designed to satisfy the requirements for all areas of learning, provide a practical and durable solution for Early Years Practitioners.

The boards are manufactured from high density polyethylene in a range of bright, eye catching colours.  HDPE is weatherproof and extremely durable, it will not fade, scratch, swell or split and dirt, grafitti and even permanent marker is easily removed, making it an ideal medium for outdoor learning boards.  Each board has a contrasting colour 'sandwiched' between two outer layers and by machining through this outer layer and engraving images into the board rather than printing them onto the surface, adds a tactile dimension to the product allowing children to trace and feel the designs as well as see them.  The two dimensional boards can be used to allow children to match the same shapes together following the paths which are actually etched using an appropriately shaped cutter, enabling children to 'feel' the shape they are matching in the path are tracing ~ the square is etched out using a square shaped cutter whilst the circle features a round groove achieved using a spherical cutter and the triangular detail is produced with a 'V' cutter making it possible for children to navigate around the maze board and identify the shapes they are matching using touch only.

The boards are a whopping 1180mm x 590mm x 12mm making them highly visible points of interest in playgrounds of all sizes. The boards feature rounded corners to ensure there are no sharp edges and are pre-drilled for easy fixing to walls or fences and can be mounted onto posts or play equipment.

The Shapes Maze Learning Board features two sets of the shapes: square, circle and triangle with tangled path joining the pairs together boldly etched out in vivid yellow on a bright blue background.
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