12 Washable Stencils NATIVITY & CHRISTMAS Themed Xmas Crafts & Cardmaking
£ 5.75
A brilliant set of washable stencils depicting six familiar nativity scenes and six objects associated with Christmas. Excellent for craft activities and displays, these handy stencils encourage creativity from children with different levels of ability. Ages: 3+
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Christmas and Nativity Themed Stencils

These versatile, washable stencils are made from flexible plastic and can be used in a variety of ways, requiring different levels of skill, making them excellent for a wide range of Christmas crafts for children and adults alike.

The stencils can be used with sponges, stencil brushes, pencils, markers, spray paints and snow spray.  Trace round the stencils with pen or crayon to create an outline for colouring in or use with ready mixed paints/sprays to create a block image, ideal for greetings cards, gift wrap and other Christmas decorations.

Stencils measure approx. 13cmx15cm, they are fully washable for use over and over again.  The set contains 12 different Christmas//nativity themed images together with an instruction and ideas leaflet.

As with all craft products please take the necessary precautions to protect clothing and furniture etc. and we recommend that children are supervised.

Ages: 3+


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