Velcro Backed Felt Motifs ~ In the Garden ~ 8 Storytelling Motifs
£ 9.95
A colourful set of beautifully made, felt motifs with a garden theme for use with our range of teaching boards and backcloths to create wonderful imaginative stories and brilliant displays. Ages: 3+
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Storytelling Motifs

Encourage imagination and develop descriptive language with these beautifully made felt motifs which are Velcro backed and ideal to use with our story boards and backcloths. 

Available in a wide range of topics children can use their imagination to create all sorts of situations and stories, an ideal way to build confidence with storytelling and language skills.  They are also perfect as educational tools for class discussion and to support curriculum topics. 

This delightful set features items to be found in the garden and is ideal for encouraging discussions about gardening and growth.

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