Interstar Building Base ~ Single Board or Set of 3
£ 11.50
These exceptionally robust building bases are the perfect accessory for the hugely popular range of Interstar construction pieces and can be used simply as a baseboard or as part of the 3D model. Ages: 3+ Price
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These large, versatile building bases are a brilliant accessory for the unique Interstar series of construction toys. They allow children to create brilliant models which they can move around and and ideal for busy little hands and creative imaginations! 
The grooved base features built in spinners, a new concept in construction toys, a rotating Interstar ring in the centre, circular cutouts for Interstar links to be inserted in and by attaching Interstar wheels (not supplied) the 'building' base can be turned into a 'moving' base.  The base is ideal for use with Interstar rings, wheels, axles, links and twisters and takes this popular construction system to another level, ideal for encouraging children to expand and develop their design and building skills and hand eye co-ordination ~ just add imagination for hours of creative fun learning.   
Brilliant for home use and perfect for childminders and pre-schools the base can be used vertically and horizontally and are available in class packs of three and single units.

The robust building base measures approx. 38cm x 23cm x 2.5cm.  This set comprises a single or set of 3 base boards and an ideas leaflet.

Ages: 3 Years+


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