36 Plastic Mirror Shapes ~ Reflective Die Cut Shapes for Collage
£ 7.95
Versatile plastic mirror shapes ideal for a wide range of crafts from collages to mobiles. Also an excellent set for supporting shape recognition activities . Ages: 3+
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Plastic Mirror Shapes

~ Pack of 36 ~

Brilliant mirror shapes which can be used in a wide range of activities from creative collage to magical mobiles. 

Children can have great fun with these versatile, durable mirror shapes which produce a clear reflection making them ideal for use in all sorts of fun, learning activities.

 The mirrors are brilliant for creative activities and can be used to encourage shape recognition. 

The mirror shapes range in size from 2cm to 10cm and feature a square, circle, rectangle and oval in different sizes.  Pack contains 4 x A4 sheets each with 9 mirrors in 4 different shapes.

Brilliant for creative activities, ideal for home use and for childminders or pre-schools.

Ages: 3+


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