Start Up Religion - Celebrating Harvest
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This book explores what 'harvest' means and how it relates back to the Christian festival of thankfulness and sharing. It also looks at the Jewish festival of Sukkot and examines helping people in need. Ages: 3+
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Start Up Religion - Celebrating Harvest

This excellent book which invites the reader to look at what they already know about fruits and vegetables and explore what 'harvest' means and explains how some people thank God for food and for creation.  The Christian harvest festival is described with its key concepts of thankfulness and sharing.  The book explains what happens at the Jewish festival of Sukkot and focuses on how sharing food at harvest extends to helping people in need.

It features simple text and large photographs which offer lots of opportunities for exploration and discussion. Questions throughout the text encourage children to discuss their understanding and experiences.

Complete with teachers/parent notes and suggestions for activities this book is a great resource for Early Years Practitioners.

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