Favourite Songs ~ There was an Old Lady ~ Interactive book with holes
£ 6.95
Featuring bold illustrations and innovative die cutting these books create a really fun, interactive learning session and are available in 29cm x 29cm and 43cm x 43cm. Ages: 2 years+
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Fun Books with Holes

This brilliant series of fun interactive books, featuring favourite rhymes and songs, have innovative die cut holes for children to poke and peek through to see what is to come.

The books are packed with colourful, child friendly illustrations which guide children through the text and stimulate conversation.

Each page is boldly printed with a verse of the rhyme and by joining in with the song children will soon learn the words by heart and will be able to 'read' the book themselves ~ excellent for building confidence in emergent readers.

These brilliant books, with 16 full colour pages, are made for sharing and are available in two sizes  290mm x 290mm and big book size 430mm x 430mm and include fun language activities for parent and teachers.

'There Was An Old Lady...'  bursting with fun and will have children giggling helplessly as the ever increasing holes reveal the strange collection of animals in the stomach of this rather large old lady!


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