A message to Parents

As parents of young children, the Directors of 2to5.com are fully aware of the rewards children can reap through correctly structured education and play. We endeavour to bring together a range of the latest and best educational toys and equipment available from around the world to ensure that your children can flourish in their early years.

The products offered by 2to5.com have been carefully selected for their Educational Value and compatibility with the topics and key areas of learning for the Foundation Stage Curriculum. However, they also offer excellent play value and encourage children to learn through play, using their imagination and developing their language and social skills.

They are designed for use in Nurseries, Pre-schools or Schools as appropriate to the age limitations of the individual products and many are equally suited to home use.

Purchased in isolation, every product in our range will help your child develop essential skills. Numeracy skills can be encouraged and developed with items such as our Comparebears range of products, Literacy skills can be reinforced though our Story Telling products which also allow you to interact with your children and join in the fun. Physical development in areas such as gross motor and fine motor skills can also be encouraged with the help of our range of manipulation toys and equipment. Our fantastic range of award winning Gears helps children to develop Design and Technology skills whilst having great fun. This durable and colourful range will have children playing with them for years to come and can be expanded and automated to suit your childs ability- a teaching toy which grows with your child

Purchasing items to link in with Foundation Stage Curriculum in conjunction with your childs Play Group or Pre-school helps to bridge the gap between home life and school days and allows children to continue their education whilst having fun at home.

We are happy to supply directly to parents and have no mimimum order value.
Strong, comfortable, stackable cots/beds which are...