A little note about us

2to5 .com was founded by Husband and Wife team Bob and Amanda Lovell who, as parents of three young children now aged ten, eight and six and in Primary Education, have always worked to ensure that they appreciate, respect, learn and benefit from, their surroundings, their peers, their elders and Nature.

Fortunate to have a larger than average sized garden they have always encouraged their children to make full use of this for both education and play, through the use of educational toys. As a result their children are all, as the Grand Parents put it, 'good old fashioned outdoor boys'. In the summer they grow their own organic soft fruits and vegetables and are happy to pull carrots from the earth to have with lunch. Having always enjoyed an active life, they do not have TVs in their rooms, Game Boys or X-boxes and, despite having full access to computers at home they will only rarely be found on them.

Aware that not all children have, but believing that all children should have, the opportunity to enjoy the world to the full, through 2to5.com they hope to offer a range of educational toys which encourage children to become more at ease with their world and aware of their surroundings whilst promoting the highest standards in early years education.

With growing pressures on working families, we recognise that young children are having to spend more and more time with professional carers at Childminders, Nurseries, Pre-schools and in the Reception years at Primary Schools.

In the pages of our website you will find a growing range of products developed and selected to support and compliment Sure Start and Foundation Stage learning programmes. Aimed primarily at professional carers many of the products are equally suitable for home use and we welcome orders from parents and carers on an individual basis.

We hope that you will find visiting our site a rewarding experience and look forward to seeing you again.

What we aim to do.

Provide a comprehensive range of the best available learning materials, play equipment and resources which encompass traditional values and encourage physical and intellectual development both within the settings of Nurseries and Pre-schools and at home.

Work with recognised national bodies to develop children’s interests in and respect for nature and the environment and allow them to enjoy the outside world in safety.

Promote health and welfare through the provision of educational materials, hygiene and safety products.

Encourage active participation of children, Parents and professional carers through Clubs and competitions. Develop new products to meet the needs of our changing times. Make childhood fun.
Strong, comfortable, stackable cots/beds which are...