Help with our web site

We have tried to make this site as easy to use as possible but we know only too well the fustrations which can be caused when things don't work in the way you want them too.

Sometimes this is as a result of human error which we can address if you make us aware of the problem but can also be a result of technical limitations over which we have no control.

Either way we want you to be "Mellow" when you leave our site so below are a few hints to get you to what you need as quickly as possible.

Site Search

We know from bitter experience that this is one of the main areas on a web site with  the best potential to "wind you up" and send you off in search of consolation elswhere on the web. Not good for us and not good for you.

To find a particular product, enter the details in the site search box from any page on the site but please remember that computers are very literal things. They simply compare what you type with the entire contents of the site and look for matching details. So if you type in a long description for example "Wooden Dolls House", unless this exact text exists somewhere in the site you would get a message saying "no matches found".

If you type "wood"  you will get back a list of all items where the word "wood" appears in the product description. This could be a long list as we offer a large number of wooden products. If you type "House" the list would be much shorter. For best results keep your search criteria short and precise.

No Luck!

If you cannot find what you are looking for try e-mailing us with you requirements and we will direct you to the approriate pages. Please click the link below to email us.

[email protected]

Please include a telephone number in your email so we can contact you for additional information about your enquiry if required.

Need a chat?

Our normal office hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm but nothing in this world is normal so its worth trying outside these hours. Please ring 01945 461322for further help.


Strong, comfortable, stackable cots/beds which are...